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Wood R4 Firmware Download

R4i Gold 3DS Official Reseller 280 in 1 game card for 3DS/DSi/DSi XL/DSlite 3DS/DSI Accessories

The Wood R4 Firmware released by yellow Wood Goblin, Since Wood R4 v1.17, there is a Wood R4i Gold firmware released by the R4iDSN team.latest wood r4 kernel for r4i gold 3ds are wood r4 1.46 .

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"Latest Wood R4 Kernel,Download Wood R4 and Wood R4 Firmware Download

How to install wood r4 kernel?

1. Put your SD card into the card reader and connect it with your PC.
2. Download the latest Wood R4 kernel RAR file from here: ,Wood R4 kernel V1.38
3. Extract the files and copy all the files to the root of your SD card.
4. Put the SD card into the R4i gold 3DS flashcard and insert it to your DS/DSi/3DS.
5. Power on your DS/DSi/3DS and run.

Wood R4 Firmware Update Histore

Change Log (WOODR4 V1.46) compatibility:
- 'club penguin - elite penguin force (germany)' fixed.
-'inazuma eleven 2 - tempete de glace (france)' fixed.
- 'inazuma eleven 2 - tempete de feu (france)' fixed.
- 'pokemon plus - nobunaga no yabou (japan)' fixed.
- 'inazuma eleven 2 - blizzard (europe)' fixed.
- 'inazuma eleven 2 - firestorm (europe)' fixed.
- 'inazuma eleven 2 - ventisca eterna (spain)' fixed.
- 'inazuma eleven 2 - bufera di neve (italy)' fixed.

Wood R4i v1.44 kernel update

: QUOTE: r4 firmware 1.44 Change Log
a?extlink support.
a?3in1+ support. opera works, gba launch from psram/nor works, even rumble in some games works. big thanx to mbmax for testing.
a?'professor layton and the spectre's call (europe)' fixed.
a?'jeongukmin model audition superstar ds (korea)' fixed.
a?'live-on card live-r ds (korea)' fixed.
a?'mario & luigi rpg 3 - kupa momsok daemoheom (korea)' fixed.
a?'metal beyblade 2 - big bang bladers (korea)' fixed.
a?'yu-gi-oh 5d's world championship 2011 - over the nexus (korea)' fixed.

Wood R4i v1.43 kernel update

: Change Log (WOODR4 V1.43) Compatibility:
'tinker bell + tinker bell and the lost treasure (europe)' fixed.
'call of duty - black ops (europe) (es,it)' fixed.
'bakuman mangaka e no michi (japan)' fixed.
'fab style (japan)' fixed.
'maplestory ds (japan)' fixed.
'rpg tkool ds+ (japan)' fixed.
'cars 2 (japan)' fixed.
'crafting mama (japan)' fixed.
'kaizoku sentai gokaiger atsumete henshin! 35 sentai! (japan)' fixed.
'korg ds-10+ synthesizer (japan)' fixed.
'ore-sama kingdom koi no manga mo debut o mokushise (japan)' fixed.
'toy story 3 (japan)' fixed.
'kuma no pooh-san 100 acre no mori no cooking book (japan)' fixed.
'5-kyuu kara 1-kyuu kanzen taiou saikin kako mondai - nijishiken taisaku - eiken kanzenban (japan)' fixed.
'gokujou mecha mote iinchou mm my best friend (japan)' fixed.
'byoutai seiri ds - image dekiru! shikkan, shoujou to care (japan)' fixed.
'kaibou seirigaku ds - touch de hirogaru! jintai no kouzou to kinou (japan) (rev 2)' fixed.
'shoukou shindan training ds (japan)' fixed.
'shin noukyou iku' fixed.
'yamakawa shuppansha kanshuu - shousetsu nihonshi b - shin sougou training plus (japan)' fixed.
'yamakawa shuppansha kanshuu - shousetsu sekaishi b - shin sougou training plus (japan)' fixed.
'suisui physical assessment training ds (japan)' fixed.

Wood R4i v1.42 kernel update

: Change Log (WOODR4 V1.42)
Interface: - last launched rom selected after restart.
'petz fantasy - moonlight magic (usa)' fixed.
'petz fantasy - sunshine magic (usa)' fixed.
'power pro kun pocket 14 (japan)' fixed.
'smurfs, the (europe)' fixed.
'beyblade - metal masters - nightmare rex (europe)' fixed.
'usavich - game no jikan (japan)' fixed.
'metal max 2 - reloaded (japan)' fixed.

Wood R4i v1.41 kernel update

: Change Log
kinetic scrolling
'beyblade - metal masters (usa)' fixed
'phineas and ferb - 2 disney games (europe)' fixed
'fossil fighters champions (usa)' fixed

Wood R4i v1.40 kernel update

: Interface:
kinetic scrolling
a?'beyblade - metal masters (usa)' fixed
a?'phineas and ferb - 2 disney games (europe)' fixed
a?'fossil fighters champions (usa)' fixed
Solved games:
5885_beyblade - metal masters (usa)
5887_phineas and ferb - 2 disney games (europe)
5891_fossil fighters champions (usa)

Wood r4 1.39 update :

Change Log(WOODR4 V1.39)
- switched to devkitarm r36.
-'professor layton and the last specter (usa)' fixed.
-'kirby - mass attack (europe)' fixed.
-'petz - puppyz & kittenz (usa)' fixed.
-'monster high - ghoul spirit' fixed.

WOOD R4 V1.38 Released (2011-10-10)

> WOOD R4 V1.38 Released,please download for your R4i GOLD card (for Both R4i Gold 3DS and R4i gold Non-3DS cards).... [Download Now]
What the firmware updated?
drawing last item in small icon mode fixed.
saving in 'miffys world (europe)' fixed.
'solatorobo - red the hunter (usa)' fixed.
force save size to 512K for 'tony hawk's proving ground'.
force save size to 512K for 'pocket scenario series - harukanaru toki no naka de - mai hitoyo'.
force save size to 512K for 'chikyuu no arukikata ds' series.
force save size to 512K for 'pop cutie!'.
force save size to 512K for 'puzzle mate ds' series.
force save size to 512K for 'pururun! shizuku-chan aha' series.
force save size to 512K for 'dragon ball kai - saiyajin raishuu (japan)'.
force save size to 512K for 'tennis no ouji-sama - motto gakuensai no ouji-sama - more sweet edition'.
force save size to 512K for 'kilari - na-san, mon meilleur ami (europe)'.
'dragon quest monsters - joker 2 (europe)' fixed